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This website is a true labor of love. I love the outdoors and I love doing more good in the world, making people laugh, and connecting them with incredible products and stories. I hate popups, annoying ads, and all sorts of other things that detract from a website experience. I am after all, a web developer and UX professional in my daily life. Here’s a roundup of what you’ll see on this site:

Gear Reviews

I’ve never been paid to do gear reviews and my reviews are 100% my own opinion. All of the gear I review has been purchased, tested, scuffed up, and loved by me. I have sometimes been able to get product samples for testing but it’s rare and if I do, I will fully disclose it. And hey, if someone knows how to sample products, let me know. I love testing!


As mentioned earlier, I pretty much hate popup ads and I don’t sell advertising space on my site. I do; however, promote some of my affiliates, so read on for more details…

Affiliate Marketing

I put a lot of research and thought into the products I promote and the companies I support. I only promote those who strive to make the world a better place and are highly dedicated to environmental stewardship. The only “ads” you will see on my site are from selected companies that I’ve personally chosen because of their high standards. I enjoy connecting people to fantastic merchandise made from companies who are making a difference.

I do participate in affiliate marketing, which means I can earn a small commission when products are purchased through my referrals. There is no cost to you for this and hey, if I can pass on savings and special information to my readers, why not? So if you like my reviews, I encourage you to purchase through my site! Believe me, I don’t get rich on this, but it does sometimes cover the cost of my web hosting with some left over for the occasional post-adventure beer and I thank you very much!

Bottom Line

I’m just an independent gal doing fun outdoor stuff. I’m not affiliated with any gear companies or any trail organizations. I love to share my stories, recommend awesome gear that promotes good stuff, and do my best to inspire each and every person out there to love your life, live your adventure, and make the world a better place!

Thank you so much for your support. Have a fantastic day and happy adventuring!