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California has more than movies, in fact it has 9 National Parks, 12 14’ers, and an endless array of geography and outdoor opportunities!

Trip Reports

Completing the 3 Peak Challenge

Back in July I headed to Southern California to climb its 3 tallest peaks in 3 days as part of Adventure 16's 3 Peak Challenge. Who was crazy enough to join me? My folks of course! It turned out to be an amazing weekend…

October 11, 2016
Trip Reports

Day Hiking Mount Whitney

Disappointment over my failed JMT attempt was replaced by excitement when I somehow lucked into Whitney day hike permits AND clearing smoke conditions. Standing on top of the Whitney summit at 14,505' with my dad and stepmom right next to me was proof that…

October 15, 2015
Trip Reports

The John Muir Trail… To Be Continued.

And just like that, one of my biggest dreams was over. Hiking the John Muir Trail in 2015 just wasn't meant to be. All I can do now is remember the amazing 8 days I had on the trail. I met incredible people, saw…

August 26, 2015
Trip Reports

Backpacking a California 14er: Mount Langley

Over 4th of July weekend I headed to the Sierras with my dad, stepmom, and friend to get some backpacking miles AND some altitude training in preparation for this summer's 18-day backpack. And I bagged my 2nd 14er: Mount Langley!…

July 29, 2015