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Fire Lookouts

Trip reports from visiting all of Washington’s standing lookouts and former sites as well.

Fire Lookouts Trip Reports

Fastpacking Miner’s Ridge

An incredible 30+ mile ultralight overnight to Miner's Ridge Lookout, deep in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. This was lookout #46 for me and I enjoyed not only surprising solitude, but one of the most fantastic mountain sunrises I've ever seen!…

June 29, 2018
Fire Lookouts Trip Reports

Larches and Lookouts: Part 2

Okanogan County in Washington State has incredible history and the highest concentration of remaining Washington State Lookouts, which makes it a spectacular destination for geeks like me! Here's a trip report from a recent October larches and lookouts road trip.…

November 13, 2017
Fire Lookouts Trip Reports

Larches and Lookouts

A trip report from a few days of fall fire lookout bagging in the beautiful Okanogan County, including a visit to one of my favorite Washington State fire lookouts.…

October 12, 2017