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20 Under $20 Holiday Outdoor Gift Guide

I raided my gear stash to find 20 of the most useful under $20 outdoor items I've ever purchased and turned the results into a holiday gift guide. Happy holiday giving!…

December 5, 2019
Trip Reports

Backpacking the Pasayten’s Hidden Lakes

In 2017 the Hidden Lakes area of the central Pasayten was badly burned by fire. 3 days backpacking here made me realize there is immense beauty in devastation and that nature is extraordinarily resilient. …

November 19, 2019

Musings of a Serial Soloist

I jokingly refer to myself as a serial soloist and think "don't hike alone" is terrible advice. I think the better advice is "never underestimate nature."…

September 24, 2019
Trip Reports

Visiting the Yakama Reservation

Recently I was able to visit the Yakama Indian Reservation as part of a fire lookout work party. I met some incredible people and saw a gorgeous land that few are privileged to see. …

June 26, 2019

The Healing Power of the Desert Southwest

The desert Southwest is a magical place of extreme contrast and powerful energy. When life throws you some unexpected hits, there really isn't a better place to find yourself again. …

April 11, 2019