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This skort is comfortable, breathable, and pretty darn cute! The soft mesh internal shorts don't ride up, bunch up, or chaff. There are lots of pockets for stashing little things or snacks and the fit is flattering yet casual enough for scrambling and stretching. Time will tell if this skort will survive my crazy bushwhacking outings but so far it's been surprisingly durable! If you're looking for a functional but fashionable skort for outdoor activities and casual wear check out the Mova Skort! Nice work Kühl!

I’m the type of person who buys clothing for function rather than fashion. The last time I bought a cute pair of tights for hiking they lasted all of about 30 minutes before I shredded them on a bushwhacking glissade down a steep slope of brush, twigs, and dirt. Oops! They were definitely not “TrailChick-proof”. There’s a reason I’m always wearing my little North Face hiking shorts—they’ve somehow survived 14 years and seem to be made of Kevlar!

Shopping at REI a few weeks ago I saw the Kühl Mova Skort and surprised myself by walking out the door with it. Well I have no idea why I waited so long to get a hiking skort because this thing is the bomb! The Kühl Mova Skort is an adjustable draw cord pull-on skort made from Kühl’s KONTOUR™  fabric, a durable and stretchy nylon. It’s super soft, very breathable, and incredibly comfortable. The internal shorts are lightweight mesh and have a small built-in envelope pocket to stash keys or small items.

The best part of the skort? Tons of pockets!

I am a huge pocket fan and nothing makes me more crazy than pants or skirts without pockets. The Kühl Mova Skort has two front pockets, two back pockets, and one snap closure side pocket. Nice job Kühl!

DSCN4017 DSCN4026

Usually I don’t wear skorts because I find the liner shorts annoying. They ride up, bunch up, or end up chaffing in bad places.  I’ve worn the Kühl skort on several hikes in both cool and hot weather and have had none of those problems. The internal shorts are soft and stay put and the overall fit of the skort is loose enough to allow for maximum flexibility yet still be flattering. I had no problems scrambling in this skort and somehow I haven’t shredded it yet either so that’s a testament to it’s durability!

The only one complaint I have is that the skirt falls to about 2″ above the knee, which for me is a bit long. I’ve always been a fan of shorter shorts and skirts, not so much for flashing leg, but for keeping tan lines in check! I also find shorter clothing to be easier and less bulky to move in. That won’t stop me from wearing this great skort though!

Enjoying the Kühl Mova Skort
Enjoying the Kühl Mova Skort on the trail

The skort comes in 4 colors: black, grey, pink and blue. I’m excited that for once I can be functional and also a bit fashionable on the trail!

Want to buy one?

Use this link to purchase through my Kühl affiliate program. You get a great new skort and hey, I’ll get a few bucks that help support this site and maybe enough to buy a refreshing post-hike beer! Thanks!

Disclaimer: I believe in doing good in the world and purchase my gear from companies who feel the same. I’m not paid to support any of the companies or products I review. Unless otherwise stated, all the gear I review has been purchased, tested, scuffed up, and loved by me!

Great job Kühl!
This is about as close to being fashionable on the trail as I get 😉 Great job Kühl!